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African Lion


Lions are one of the greatest big cats. Their strength is estimated to be 8 times higher than human’s, their powerful jaws and neck can lift up to 900 kg, and they can jump over 3 times higher than humans. They are astonishing creatures that used to live almost on all the continents and are now facing extinction.

The idea behind the build

My inspiration came from my childhood which I spent learning about big cats and their behaviour. I have always admired their size, strength and social activities such as hunting and taking care for young cubs. Because of their natural greatness and wildness, they are creatures which remind me of how little and weak I am compared to nature. I don't think this is not a bad thing, because it gives me inspiration and motivation to create, but also keeps in mind that I as a human am not the only one on this planet.

The build

This lion is one of those figures that allow proper mobility and functions. It is designed to move legs and paws, tail, neck, head and jaws. I think it would be great for all children who like animals and playing with them. This set consists of 951 bricks and offers a fair share of challenged building, but is still not too complicated for younger LEGO builders to enjoy.

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