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Functional Go-Kart Race


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       Welcome to Functional Go-Kart Race, have fun with friends and family by choosing your color (blue, green, yellow or red) while go-kart racing. Then celebrate your victory on the podium by brandishing the cup!

10,000 votes can make this project a Lego set! Support is free, so click on the "support" button. Lego could adapt this project with mario kart.

    To move your go-kart forward, turn the crank as quickly as possible. It moves forward using gears that turn chains.

- It consists of about 1650 pieces.
- It is 52 cm long, 15 cm wide and 19 cm high with the arch.
- There is a start line with the lights and the finish line with the arch, the "finish" and the 2 flags.
- There is a crank on each side.
- The go-karts that are not used, are placed on supports.
- The podium with the cup to celebrate your victory is attached to the track.
- There are 4 karts of different colours: blue, green, red, yellow, with details, engine, steering wheel, seat.
- There are 2 minifigurines are suggested: 2 drivers.
Functional Go-Kart Race will entertain young and old. Hope you like it a lot and if so,
do not hesitate to support it. Thank you very much everybody.

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