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Farm Cottage Calendar


My girlfriend have brought me a LEGO Calendar(853195) few years ago. And I found this is not easy to use since you need to re-build all the bricks when starting a new months. And I just put it aside for a long time. That why I try to build a calendar in a creative way.

Today I have a idea to re-build this calendar in my unique way. The "days" I modify into a spinning wheel inside the house, and we can use the gear to connnect the wheel so I can easily change the date of a month by the handle on the right side. The months' Brick acted as a smoke from a chimney. The weeks' brick changed into a water wheel near a river. The plant in front of the wheel and the red roof on the top can easily indicate what is the weekday today. The wind direction indicator on the top of the roof (the rooster) is a button to light up the cottage and this ia also use as a light sourse in the dark.


This cottage contain lots of moving parts and colourful decorations. This could be a very good decoration and fun tool either in your working place, or in your living room. Below have a video of how the moving parts working. Hope you enjoy this creation and please give me your support! 

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