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Beach Buggy With Terence Hill Without Bud Spencer

Hello my friends, I once tried a beach buggy. It is beautifully red, has a white stripe on the left and right and a yellow roof. I stuck to a car that appears in the classic film "Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel" ("Altrimenti ci Arrabiamo", 1974) with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. This film always reminds me of my childhood, when these two heroes flickered across the screen, and we passed such rainy days with friends. Whether Bud with his brute nature or Terence with smart wit, both have lost none of their charm and can still be shown today without hesitation. I think there are a lot of young at heart adults scattered around who fondly remember this movie and thus create a large fan base. The car is kept simple and the recognition value is relatively high, as it is very distinctive with the yellow "bonnet" and includes Kid (Terence Hill) one of the protagonists. With Bud Spencer as a minifigure, this could hardly be topped, but I don't have any distinctive minifigures that do justice to the hero Bud Spencer. So, folks, please allow this creation of your own to enter the race and have the chance to be presented to the world.

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