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Coffee Hangout

This is my project idea, the Coffee Hangout. Its a corner modular building with three floors (not including the roof).
The first floor is the café which contains shelves with foods and drinks, the kitchen with drinks machines, the snacks counter, an oven and hob and shelves with takeout cups and mugs. On the back wall is a menu. On the counter tops are contactless pay machines pieces I made. If you look to the left side of the door on the outside you see a gap in the building where there are two ATM machines. 
The second floor is where people sit and enjoy their food/drinks. There are many seats. My favourite part about the second floor is the outdoor seating area. Also on the second floor are two toilets, male and female. 
The third floor is REUBENS POOL. If you couldn't tell, its a pool hall! There are three smaller pool tables and one giant pool table for competitions. On the wall is a cue wrack. There is also a shelf with trophies. A picture on the wall is a poster advertising the Pool Millionaire Contest. 
The roof I would say was I the trickiest part of this project, making the whole thing look good was defiantly a struggle, I tried many different bricks and pieces and I think out of all the designs I made, I think this one you see was the best. 
there are ten figures, three employees of the café, seven towns people. 
A lot of the pieces you don't recognise are all official Lego bricks I have just added my own decals!
Many apologies about the pictures. For some reason I thought you could upload up to thirty, but you can actually only go half of that. So I decided, instead of getting rid of good pictures, I would add three pictures to eight slides and upload them that way.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my project and read this description and I hope that you will support this project, it means so much to me. Thank you!

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