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Getaway Motorbike


The set's a getaway motorbike, the main idea it's that some secret agents or maybe thieves built it to escape from the police. They used the bricks they found to improvise a getaway vehicle.

This model includes loads of secret gadgets such as:

- A hidden space where you could keep your money safe. To open it, you only have to slide the main module. 

- The flying module, when the plans fail and you don't have any other exit you can disappear and scape. However, only one of the two people would be able to survive. 

- It also has a working crank, that I love. It makes the model to be more realistic, and when you play with it it's great to see how it works. The main wheel also moves some gears on the other side.

- Moreover, if you have a breakdown, just open the bonnet and fix the motor. A motor that can be seen from the exterior and provides the power improves the reality and playability experience.

- Of course, you need to be safe, so there is a laser installed on a rotating tower that a minifigure can manage. 

All these features make this model a great set, and the playability it has it's perfect to have a really good time with it. It's a small building that anyone could get. When you use it, you can imagine many different scenes. So, I'm sure that all the kids and some adults, would enjoy playing with it. But, another exciting thing is all the building techniques that you'll discover while you're building it. 

The main reason why I built it, its just because I love building. Furthermore, I would like to be a lego designer someday so, why don't I share my ideas. This set bornt while I was building another lego official set, and I decided that with the same bricks I'll create my own lego set. 

I hope you like it and thank you for your support in advanced.

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