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Multipurpose Space Vehicle


This Moc is one I made before I decided to build the Eco 9er series (reducing bricks).

Two of my favorites Classic Space sets (I do have some more sets I loved from this series) was the Uranium Search Vehicle and the All-Terrain Vehicle. The Multipurpose Vehicle I built combines the essence of both of them and expands it further. The mobile lab is actually a mobile command center and then you have a resource platform for repairs on anything you can imagine.

What I like the most is that you can choose either the command center or the resource platform to be attached to the trailer. This adds a lot of versatility to its playability. The set contains:

1. the space buggy you know from the Eco9er.

2. the trailer towed by the buggy (both command center and resource platform can be clipped to the trailer.

3. the command center: has radars, space guns, lots of greebles and four supports. In the back you have a door, the roof opens up for Minifig access and both canopies open up as well.

 4. the resource vehicle is quite useful. It holds any tool you cab think of and includes control panels to use the fully movable mechanical arm or to steer the laser fuse robot or to control the small lifting platform on which a mechanic can stand.

The set contains four Minifigs. The commander (female) in the buggy, the scientist in the command center, an engineer on the resource platform and a mechanic/welder for the hard work.

I decided to do a Blacktron version, mainly because I love the Blacktron Minifigs.

I hope you like and support the Multipurpose Truck and share it with your friends.




If you want to see what else I like from Classic Space, here is a link to another fantastic moc made by wolf.leews (make sure you check out his other two spacecraft). Here is a link to one of the Eco9er mocs (you can take it from there to see the other two) and here is a link to one of my favorite own models, the Lego Pueblo (make sure you take a look at update 22, it is short and shows you the final status).

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