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Japanese Corner Store

The modular Japanese corner store, is a true testament to the artistry of traditional Japanese architecture. My custom model, spanning two levels, beckons enthusiasts of Japanese culture and architectural beauty.

The first level of this my LEGO creation is crafted as a traditional sushi restaurant. Stepping inside, you are immediately transported to the elegance of a sushi restaurant. On the right, a small sushi bar awaits, complete with a discreet kitchen space behind it. To the left is a staircase to the second level. The modular design of this level ensures easy access to all its interior areas, as the roof can be effortlessly removed to reveal its inner secrets.

Venturing up to the second level of the modular Japanese corner store, you'll find a tea and meditation room with a distinctly tranquil ambiance. Walking up the stairs you will see two portraits of two Japanese Elders. Utilizing soft, soothing yellow elements, this level is designed to provide a peaceful sanctuary where one can meditate and savor a cup of tea. The room's centerpiece is the traditional Japanese floor seating known as "Zabuton," offering a comfortable place to relax. This level features a small table where the teapot and cups sit.

The roof isn't really anything special. It just has a skylight and a couple ac vents.

In summary, the modular Japanese corner store delivers an authentic experience that captures the essence of traditional Japanese architecture. This unique LEGO creation would make a splendid addition to any LEGO collectors display. Given the rich history and culture associated with Japan, it serves as an excellent educational tool to introduce both children and adults to Japanese architecture and design. Whether you have a penchant for sushi, a passion for tea and meditation, or simply a deep appreciation for the beauty of Japanese architecture, the modular Japanese corner store is the ideal LEGO creation for you. Thank you

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