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The Dark Knight Trilogy Movie Accurate 2 Seaters Tumblers (Camouflage Versions)


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"Your precious armory, gratefully accepted! We will need it." - Bane

The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan gave us a fresh and realistic reboot of the Caped Crusader, and with it many of Batman's iconic vehicles.

These are my renditions of the Tumblers in camouflage versions, reproduce with lego bricks in 2 seaters minifig scale and staying as close to the original movie design as best I can. The base design of these of course are similar to my Tumbler and Bat Pod project.

Each Tumbler measures about 19cm(L) x 12cm(W)

All three versions have been faithfully recreated: The original Camo Tumbler, the Tumbler with a Turret/Cannon and the Tumbler with a Missile Launcher. In this case, only the original Camo Tumbler can be a 2 seater as the other 2 versions both have a weapon occupying the space where the passenger seat will be.

Both the Turret and the Missile Launcher can be retracted to an inactive position.

The set can be launched as a single camouflage tumbler with additional parts for the other 2 alternate builds.

The set can also include different variations of Bane's outfits as seen in the movie.

Thanks for viewing and hopefully with your support this can be owned by many other enthusiast!

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