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Her Chamber

A few levels after the beginning of the game Portal 2, Chell and Wheatley come upon the remains of GLaDOS, an AI system that Chell had killed in the first Portal game. Wheatley refers to the spot as "her chamber." However, while trying to find an way of escaping Aperture Science's testing chambers, Wheatley accidentally turns GLaDOS back on.
This LEGO creation can be modified to become one of the two scenes. The one where Wheatley and Chell come across GLaDOS's remains, and the one where GLaDOS wakes up and reassembles herself. To switch between scenes you have to rearrange some pieces, and switch some out.
This model is made of 597 pieces, including a large base, various debris, GLaDOS, Chell, Wheatley and GLaDOS's technic support. It is 13 inches tall (including the wires connected to GLaDOS), 13 and a half inches long, and 10 inches wide.
This would make a great set because the only official Portal 2 LEGO set is for LEGO Dimensions and only contains Chell, the portal gun, a companion cube and sentry turret. This would be a significant addition, not only attracting LEGO fans, but probably Portal 2 fans as well!

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