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Bear's Town

This building looks like a bear holding a large square ice. In addition, the bear is sitting on the ice.

This building has four floors.

The first floor is the ice on which the bear sits, and the second, third, and fourth floors are the ice held by the bear.

The first floor is an ice-rink, and children are enjoying skating.

The second floor is an exhibition space, and there is a work that expresses the four seasons of teddy bears.

On the third floor, there is a standing table by the window, where you can drink and enjoy the view. Also, on the other side, there are teddy bears, which are good for taking pictures.

The fourth floor is a place where you can color teddy bears. People can color and take teddy bears as they want.

Finally, by replacing the bear's eyes, the bear's expression can be changed. : Angry bear, sleepy bear, happy bear

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