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Mini Lego Chess

This is my pitch for a Mini Lego Chess Set. The features include separating the board from the box for convenience, a drawer that opens but does not come out, and a lock and key for that drawer so it doesn't slide in and out on it's own.

I built this because I kept seeing big Lego chess games, or other MOCs doing chess sets that are bigger and have intricate designs. So, why not try to make something smaller that has all the same functionality and complexity as the bigger designs? So that's what I did.

The design includes a "wooden" box and drawer that holds the chess pieces. You take out the key and unlock the drawer to get the pieces out. Then you play a good game of Chess. And when you're done, you pack everything up and lock up the drawer. Simple, straight forward, compact.

I think it would be fun to have something so compact and playable. Something that can be on display, and still be used. I really like chess and I'd buy this as it gets more refined. Thank you.

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