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Medieval Clock Tower

Amidst the solitude of an abandoned garden, a weathered clock tower stands tall, a sentinel of forgotten beauty. This is no ordinary clock tower; it's nestled far from the bustling world, a quiet monument to a bygone era.
Meet the elderly caretaker, a man who has spent a lifetime in this garden, tending to his cherished companions – chickens and pigs. Each day, he follows the same routine, sweeping away the remnants of another night in the shadow of the clock tower.
As he tends to the chickens and pigs, the old man's heart yearns for the adventures he'll never undertake. The passing years have made him weary, but the dreams of exploring the world beyond this forsaken garden still flicker in his eyes.
In this tranquil yet forlorn garden, where time stands still and the clock's hands move at a languid pace, the caretaker's life unfolds, a tale of unfulfilled wanderlust and the wisdom of age.
38cm in width, 35cm in length, and 44cm in height are composed of approximately 2481 pieces.

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