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Arctic Exploration Mech with Maintenance Bay


About This Project:

Expanding on the Lego Arctic series I have created the Arctic Explorer Exosuit with maintenance bay. The Exosuit is perfectly tuned for the harsh arctic environment. It is even submersible so that it can explorer the seafloor as well. The suit is also equipped with an extremely powerful drill on one hand. Which can drill into the ice and rock. The other hand has claws for gripping the terrain and a detachable drone for scouting ahead for areas of interest. The drone is equipped with scanners and can land back on the suits forearm. The suit also has a crane mounted on it's back shoulder for carrying back samples. The maintenance bay not only holds the suit it has a refueling station, a data transfer station, a sample processing area, and a maintenance cart.


Play Features:

  • The Arctic Exosuit can hold one minifigure. It has many points of articulation(waist,knees...).
  • The suit also has a detachable drone on one hand.
  • The suits other hand is a drill that really spins.
  • The suit hooks up to a fuel line in the Maintenance bay and its feet lock into place.
  • The suit can lay samples on the upper deck to wait to be processed.
  • The pilot can exit the suit in the bay onto the upper deck via bridge.
  • The door on the bottom middle of the bay can open and fit a minifigure through.
  • A maintenance cart with tools and a minifigure.


  • Six minifigures.(One pilot,one scientist, and four maintenance people.)
  • Three ice blocks that can open to reveal treasure.
  • One maintenance cart.
  • Various handheld minifigure accessories like saw, wrench, magnifying glass, a radio and a fire extinguisher.

If you want to explorer the arctic in this exosuit than please support this project. Thank you so much for your support. 

Happy Building.


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