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Lawn Care


What would a city be without a lawn care fanatic?  With this set, he will have every thing to keep the greenest lawn in the city.  There is a riding lawn mower, so he can relax while he mows his large yard.  If the grass got to long on him, he can put the bagger on the riding lawn mower, so there isn't the unsightly dead grass littering up the lawn.  For those tough to mow areas, he has a push mower, and a spin trimmer.  There is a canister vacuum for cleaning up the garage, and a leaf blower to clean off the driveway, and walks.  When winter strikes, he is prepared with both the plow attachment for his riding lawn mower, and a snow blower.  He also has a trailer to haul fertilizer, mulch, etc.. Plus a chain saw, an misc other tools.

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