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Tomorrow’s Resort


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What it is?

  My LEGO model is called the “Tomorrow’s Resort”. It is a resort themed play-set aimed to provide an awesome experience to younger fans with its many play features, accessibility, and functionalities. While being a wonderful sight to look at, making it a great display piece. Moreover, it is a great place with a relaxing atmosphere where you can have your minifigures relax and have fun. At last, it is a set like no other since it isn’t based on anything significant, except for the fact that it is a building.

Why I built it?

  Always being a fan of LEGO since I was little, I decided to take on something challenging and build a “building style” set, something I have never done before. Moreover, I also built it because I wanted to share my creative side with other LEGO fans. At last, I have always enjoyed staying in hotels, so I asked myself, “Why not build one of my own design in LEGO?”, which is exactly what I did!

Why this would make a great LEGO set?

  The “Tomorrow’s Resort” will certainly make a great LEGO set due to the following reasons. First, talking about its design, it is mainly white and sloped on all sides with a beach sticking out on the right giving it a very unique look. Secondly, the many rooms inside of the resort itself offers a lot of versatility for role-playing with minifigures. Thirdly, each room has a different design and different purpose, each featuring interesting elements of significance, giving LEGO fans a ton of fun when exploring the set. Last but not least, many play features are added from the various rooms to the exterior, such as a rotatable front cylindrical door set to motion when the technic ball on the left side spins and a café that slides out onto the beach, therefore increasing the “Tomorrow’s Resort”’s play value. To be honest, this set is pretty much unique in many ways as I didn’t look at any reference photos for inspiration but instead, relying solely on my imagination. Again, this would make a great LEGO set. So what are you waiting for, SUPPORT and SHARE this AMAZING LEGO IDEA now!

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Product idea name: Tomorrow’s Resort

Designer: TMRLBrickZZone (age: 14)

Date completed: 18th September 2020

Time taken: 15 hours approximately

Total parts: 3000 approximately

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