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The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker!

Lovingly built by myself as a gift for my Nutcracker loving Wife he has all the hallmarks of a great Nutcracker. Built bright and colourful to celebrate the joy of Christmas, the traditional time for Nutcrackers to come out, yet also elegant enough to display year round.

Measuring 43cm high and 16cm wide some of the features include:

  • A fully operational “nutcracker mouth” with hinged beard
  • Skirt on the upper legs
  • Crowned and jewelled hat
  • Rosie cheeks
  • Gold highlights
  • Red Lips and odd Teeth
  • Protruding nose
  • Dark Moustache and Eyebrows

At approximately 600 bricks he he would be a great build for most skill levels, making him a great present for almost anyone!

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