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City Horse-Pulled Carriage


         This set idea contains a city horse-pulled carriage. The set has a waiting area with benches, trees, signs, and a pole to tie the horse to. The minifigure family of three in this set can wait at the waiting area and then ride on the carriage. The carriage features four seats with a roof cover and a seat for the driver. The horse is attached to the carriage with a flexible joint and it has a saddle with a rope holdable by the driver. The horse also has a bowl to drink out of. Overall, this is a very playable set with many movable parts.

Build Info:

  • This set has two main builds, a horse with a carriage and a waiting area
  • This set has 260 pieces and is a relatively easy build
  • There are four minifigures in this set, a family of three, and the horse-pulled carriage operator

Thank you for viewing this project and for your support - Chimn

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