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Modern Family Home

Hi, Johnny_H_14 here with a large, fully-furnished modern home!
I wanted to build a modern family house with wood paneling and gray brick. The first floor is mostly wood paneling with some brick in certain areas. The second floor has wood paneling where the brick is on the first floor and brick where the wood is on the first floor. I used black window frames to give it a modern look, and also some skylights. This is house is complete with a large kitchen, living room, bathroom, garage, two bedrooms office, and deck. I also built a cherry tree with a birdhouse out front, a small white shed in the back, and a yellow Subaru-inspired SUV. The kid is in bed, the mom is in the office, and the dad is in the front yard, waving to a neighbor walking down the sidewalk.
Thanks for viewing this build! Please support it as well as my other projects.

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