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The Negotiator Starship

My creation is a starship/spaceship of my own design. I am a big fan of spaceships, and I am sure many others are as well. I draw up unique designs for my own spaceships and the Negotiator is by far my favorite. The model was built on, a downloadable software for LEGO designing. 
Since many people, including myself are interested in LEGO Starfighters, I designed the Negotiator. The set is composed mostly of four main colors, which are two shades of orange and both light and dark grey.

A few features of the ship are: 
- Two cockpits with seating for two minifigures
- Four Spring based projectile launchers
- Detachable Wings (for an easy fix)
- Small container on back for storage
- Five back thrusters

The model consists of 584 total parts, with dimensions of 7 inches (width), 13.7 inches (length) and 5.2 inches (height). This makes it roughly the size of an average LEGO Starfighter. I know most people find big sets appealing, especially when there are fewer pieces (but not too less).

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