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Medieval Castle 1

Castle products of the past are not as sophisticated as they are now, but they seem more appropriate to play with. So, I tried to make this Falcon Castle into a past style.

The castle was constructed with only the basics. The falcon castle consisted of a main watchtower, two auxiliary towers, and a bunk fort. The cavalry is about to go out on reconnaissance. There should be nothing. I made the defense a little easier by building an outer fortress.

What happened to the peaceful little castle?

The main castle was equipped with basic wells, blacksmiths, warehouses, arsenals, and pigpens.

The watchtower was connected from the first floor to the top by a connecting staircase. 

Side towers were normally used as warehouses, but are now guarded by archers.
Behind the side tower are horse stables and farmland. In the stables, young horses are peacefully fed.

I made the defense a little easier by building an outer fortress. It can be moved easily. It can be configured in various forms.

If you look closely at the tree, you will see hawks and pigeons.

The great thing about this set is that it's made to be easy to play with. It doesn't have that many decorations, and it's made simply, so it'll be sturdy.

In total, about 2745 blocks were used.
The soldiers consist of a knight (lord) 1, 5 horsemen, 7 spear men, and 11 arrows.
Horses, cattle, dogs, hawks and doves.

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