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The Collapser

Hello everyone, here is my second submission, The collapser.
This starship is extract from my novel : Obseran, paradis infernal. Get more informations on ( french only sorry)
The collapser is a important ship used in the fleet to create small black hole. It can be done with the 4 great circle in "lego technics" the rest of the ship include the houses of the crew and power plants. This technologie permit to the full group to join extraterrestrial world. In my case the settlers go to Osberan.
I built it for fun, and because it's a great way to get a real version coming from my imagination.
According to the difficulty for me to do it in 3D. I'm sûr this model can be a real challenge for the community

hope you will like it. i ll be please to read all your comments :D

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