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Bonsai Eucalyptus Gum


Gum Tree Bonsai - Eucalyptus

A Eucalyptus tree is a very beautiful tree indeed.  This species is uniquely Australian, and often is used as bonsai material.  Enthusiasts throughout Australia are now more commonly using native material to bonsai, and this is wonderful to see.  This species often have lovely brown bark development at the base and beautiful texture going up the trunk and branches.  The flowers of Eucalyptus are also a pleasure to witness, and in full bloom can create a wonderful sight.

It often brings a warm fuzzy feeling to Australians when they see this majestic tree, and is one of the most iconic images in Australia.

A lot of the species in this family make fantastic bonsai and are fast growing.  They adapt well to bonsai life and provided they receive adequate care and that timing is adhered to, they respond very well.

We hope you enjoy seeing this creation, and in time hopefully you have one displayed in your home.

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