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Space Center


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Hello Mininauts! Welcome to Lego City Space Innovators! This center has made a many remarkable discoveries such as momentum, physics, and big firecrackers that send you flying! For now we deal with satelites, but soon we will send fig to space and beyond! Of course funded with your 20% tax. Don't worry, we are many steps ahead of the Mega Bloks. We already have parachutes and rocket quality control! Now please escort yourself to the sleeping chamber and into sleep as we have a big day tommorrow.

This big play set comes with two rockets, a Vehicle Assembly Building, a Lobby/Visitor Center, a launch pad, walkways with customization, Rocketry R&D, and a office with a Mininaut Sleeping Sector built-in! The rockets detach into two different stages for maximum thrust! There is a mini-scale landing site as well.

Once upon a time I played games about space, rocketry ect... So I thought a big Space Center in Lego would be very fun to play with! I worked on this for a week and a half with quite a few hours put into it. If you have any suggestions please comment them and give consructive critisism.

Piece Count: 2571 (many of these being big wall pieces)

Minifig Count: 8

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