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Dutch Houseboat


Dutch Houseboat


As a small kid, I always liked houseboats. Many times I said that I would live in one, once I was  grown-up.

I don’t want to live in one anymore, but I still like houseboats. So I made a houseboat from LEGO.


The boat has many details from the outside and from the inside.

From the outside:

Flowers: Houseboats, especially in canals, have a lot of flowers and plants. There is a small tree, a barrel with flowers, there are flowers by every window and there are some flowers at the back.

Flag: At the back of the boat is a Dutch flag.

Doors:  I decided to make the doors from bricks and not to use the normal doors. These doors are lower and it looks like they are made from shelves.

Solar panels: I added solar panels on the roof to make the houseboat modern and green. The boat makes his own energy.

Quay: On the quay are two beautiful Birch trees. And you can see the plates of 1x2 to make it look like real stone.

Bicycles: It's Dutch, so there are bicycles. There are two included. One that belongs to the houseboat and one that belongs to the mailman.

From the inside:

Floor: The floor is made from wood. There are three 1x6 plates with wood stickers and the plates lay in one direction.

Furniture: There is a kitchen, a chest of drawers for the cat to sleep in, an adjustable seat to relax after a long day, a flat screen television, a floor lamp and a scratching post.

Guitar: I wanted to add something of myself in the set so I added a guitar. I play guitar so I thought it would be really fun.

Bed: In the back of the ship is a small cabin. In the cabin is a bed. Before you go to sleep you can close the curtains and when you wake up and come out of your bed, there are a pair of slippers, waiting for you to keep your feet warm.

The measurements and piece count:

The boat is 36 cm long (including the flag), 10 cm wide and 11cm high.

The set contains 1143 bricks.


The boat looks very nice, but it could still have some improvements. I don’t have enough or the right bricks to make it perfect. For example the roof of the roof extension. It can be more smooth. Adding more pictures or paintings on the wall could be another improvement. It would be nice to have pictures or paintings of Amsterdam, windmills or tulips.

I think this set is a great addition to everyone’s LEGO collection. Especially when you collect houses, boats and LEGO Ideas sets. And it is also nice to give the boat a beautiful place in your LEGO city.

Please support!    Thank you!​

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