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Ranger's Apprentice, Skandian Cabin


This is the third model in my Ranger's Apprentice line of sets. This is the cabin that Will and Evanlyn stayed in over the winter in the Skandian mountains. The model features the cabin with a removable roof and a stable attached to the cabin. There is a snow bank on one side of the cabin and two trees around the cabin. In the stable there is a pile of logs, room for a horse, a feed bag, and a place for a harness. Inside the cabin there is a table with a bench, a large fireplace with a hanging pot, a chair next to the fire, a place to hang a bow, a bed, and a pantry. The characters include: Will Treat and Evanlyn/Cassandra.

Since the last model I made was the Skandian Wolf Ship, I thought it a good idea that my next model be the Skandian cabin from the fourth book! I really enjoy the Ranger's Apprentice series and think that it would be really great to have a line of Ranger's Apprentice sets.

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