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LotR: The Prancing Pony

This MOC is the Prancing Pony from the Lord of the Rings. The set includes 3 minifigures: Barliman Butterbur, and his two hobbit helpers Bob and Nob. The one in the green jacket is Bob, and the one in red is Nob. Above the entryway, you see a sign that says "The Prancing Pony." There are 3 owls on the flat area of the roof.The roof is slanted and has brown tiles and leaves to give it a weathered and old look. The bottom floor is the bar section, where Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin meet Aragorn. There is a map hanging on the wall, and there is a table with food and drink on it. There is also a barrel with a baguette in it and chicken, behind the table. There are two helmets on display near the ladder leading up to the room on the second floor. And there is also a drink dispensing barrel behind the table. The ladder near the entrance is so the guests can reach their rooms. On the second floor there is a small white bed, with a lantern resting near it, and there is also painting of a ship, and beside it is a display of an elf bow.

I decided to build this set because I absolutely love the LotR lego sets, and I think this is an iconic setting in the Fellowship of the Ring.

I believe this would make a great set because this would be a cool addition to other LotR sets, and would also be a good display piece.

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