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The Roman Archeological Dig Site

This set is a Roman archaeological excavation site, with three parts: the excavation area, a hangar for storing archaeological material and a study area for the remains discovered.

The excavation area is designed to be playable : you can "dig" like an archaeologist and discover the remains yourself ! Two wheels can be operated to lift the plates concealing the remains, and a third can be removed by hand. You'll discover a mosaic, ceramic shards and even the bust of a statue! You can also arrange the minifigures in any way you like, and have them rummage around wherever you like !

In the part sheltered by a rusty structure, two archaeologists study the artifacts found on the site : the ceramist tries to reconstruct a broken amphora from a whole model, and a lithicist studies and cleans a Corinthian capital and its fragments.

The hangar thus houses several shelves, the two on the right containing ceramics and animal remains, and those on the left carved stones and bronze objects. The person at the computer makes a clean copy of a drawing of the site.

Archaeological equipment, such as measuring and surveying devices, can be found all over the site.

I wanted to design this set because I'm an archaeology student myself, and I know that other people like me have always been drawn to this discipline from an early age. So this could make a great Lego set, with features to make you feel like an archaeologist, but also a bit of a display, that both young and old can enjoy !

You can also find the 4 parts of a statue, the Doryphore, to recreate it ! It's up to you to find them !

Pictures legend :

1 : global view of the site
2 : zoom on th ruines
3 : top view of the site
4 : play functions
5 : zoom on the caches
6 : top view with uncovered caches
7 : the ceramist
8 : the lithist
9 : drone and construction site toilets
10 : left view of the hangar interior
11 : tight view of the hangar interior
12 : zoom on people doing readings
13 : zoom on people digging
14 : some archeological stuff
15 : the Doryphore

Model infos :

Pieces : 2207

Dimensions :
Width : 20.2 inches / 51.4 cm
Lenght : 16.4 inches / 41.6 cm
Height : 6.2 inches / 15.8 cm

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