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Elephant Expedition

Once upon a time, a group of adventurers decided to go to a faraway land to search for lost temples. The expedition takes place on elephants, which carry the necessary equipment on their ridges. Which they need to survive the perilous journey full of unknown danger.

The first elephant carries an expedition leader with the all essential tools for him to conduct the search for temples. In his hand, he holds a map to bring them to their destination.

The second one carries crates filled with the food and medicines. They must be constantly guarded, so no wild monkey can steal the food from them.
And at the end there is the rest of the equipment, among other things shovels, pickaxes, sextant and other needed things in a multi-week expedition.
Will they be able to reach the place they are looking for?
May they be attacked by wild tribes or an animal?
Or maybe the monkey king will steal the rest of their food supplies?.
One thing I know for sure, they are about to have an interesting journey, from which they bring memories, photos and maybe even treasures.

If you like it, I count on your vote. Maybe someday you will be able to finish their interesting story.

• Width 65.5 cm
• Depth 14.5 cm
• Height 18 cm

About 1,237 elements were used to build the mock-up. The project was completed in four months. The inspiration for the construction was the adventures of Johnny Thunder.

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