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The Classic Orders of Architecture


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The Classical Orders of Architecture

For millennia the classic orders of architecture have influenced the designs of buildings from grand temples, to government institutions to homes. The original three orders were created by the ancient Greeks and included the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders, each with a distinctive language and proportions.

The Doric Order was the simplest, and featured fluted columns with a simple capital. The Ionic was taller, with scroll like elements adorning its capital. Finally the Corinthian, tallest of the three with very detailed capitals featuring scrolls, leaves and other carvings.

This model is intended as a display piece for any serious collector of Lego Architecture and features each of the three classical orders represented by a column and capital. Each column includes a display base featuring the name of the order in a metallic gold finish.

The set allows the three columns to be displayed individually, or connected with a set of technic brick connectors to create a unified display, although shown in progression from Doric to Corinthian (left to right), each user can customize the order to their individual preference.

The model utilizes 2,174 bricks to create the 3 columns, bases and display plaques and is approx. 76cm (95 studs) wide, 41cm (52 studs) wide and is 32cm (40 studs) tall at the highest point.

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