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Among Us: The Skeld

Better get your tasks finished because Among Us is coming to LEGO Ideas!

Since the beloved indie game’s rise to fame in 2020, Among Us has become one of the greatest successes in video game history. Whether you’re completing ship-essential tasks to stay alive or you’re scheming to sabotage the ship, Among Us has provided players around the globe with hours of chaos and fun teaming up to catch Impostors or to be caught by Crewmates. With its strategy-based game mechanics and stellar science-fiction setting having garnered the attention of millions, the game has been celebrated as an icon in the world of multiplayer titles and deduction-based gameplay

As a tribute to the game’s upcoming fifth-year anniversary, this set will bring the beloved Among Us Crewmates and Impostors into the realm of LEGO for all to enjoy! Recreate and explore the eerieness and novelty of The Skeld brought to life with this intricate model straight from the world of Among Us. With a total amount of 2,998 pieces, this set features an enlarged diorama with detailed furnishings and custom decals of the most recognizable map from the Among Us universe. This diorama will also include locations such as the Cafeteria, Storage, Reactor, and many more, accompanied by custom minifigures of the much-loved little Crewmates.

Whether you've enjoyed this game for its unique gameplay, its band of adorable Crewmates and Impostors, or the layout of its most iconic map, this set has it all!

This set includes:
  • The Skeld: This set will be based upon the first map ever developed for Among Us that is set on a spaceship traveling through outer space. This map contains many locations featured within the game including the Cafeteria, Storage, Electrical, Reactor, and much more to explore. 
  • The Crewmates: This set will contain a collection of colorful Crewmates (and Impostors) to play with. They help maintain the quality of the spaceship as they travel throughout space with the Impostor hidden among them while wreaking havoc on the rest of the crew. Each Crewmate will also have a matching Impostor mouthpiece to switch between in order to indicate who is an ally and who is an enemy.
  • The Accessories: This set will include an assortment of hats to help decorate your very own Crewmate. Alongside these accessories comes a companion to keep your Crewmate protected and accompanied.

When I first encountered the game on mobile platforms, I found myself completely immersed in the world and mechanics of Among Us. The controls and rules were simple enough for my friends and me to truly enjoy the gameplay Among Us had to offer. Not only did we have fun playing the role of the Impostor and the Crewmate, but we adored the way you were able to customize a Crewmate of your choice. I felt that this game and the options it offered could translate well into the realm of LEGO, giving the fans of both Among Us and LEGO an opportunity to have fun with their friends while being given the freedom to make their own designs for both the set and the characters as a part of this map.

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