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LEGO Greebles

In 2020 LEGO released a new product line, LEGO DOTS an innovative approach to customizing your spaces, items and wearables to display your love for LEGO and feature great usage of small LEGO elements.

While DOTS are marketed for younger fans of LEGO, the large AFOL community may not have felt it met their desire to show off their LEGO passion at home or in the office appropriately.  To fill that void I give you LEGO Greebles.

LEGO Greebles is a product that allows for individual customization and expression from small LEGO elements, but it is designed to allow the creation of highly textured, modular "Greeble Tiles" that can be used to create either desktop or wall displays.

The LEGO Greebles set includes all the parts required to create nine modular 16 x 16 Stud "Greeble Tiles", complete with an assortment of popular Greebling elements.  Technic 1/2 pins and 1 x 8 tiles conceal the edges on the base to provide a polished look reminiscent of the LEGO Architecture series.  

Each "Greebles Tile" is constructed with a sturdy Technic frame that adds depth and presence to the tile.  A single "Greebles Tile" (you can create up to nine with the set) is like a LEGO Zen garden on your desk allowing for mindful engagement with endless possibilities.  The "Greeble Tiles" can also be combined with each other using Technic pins to create larger compositions suitable for wall display (nails not included).

Anyone who knows Jeffy-O's designs knows that I love to Greeble.  With your support we can see these fun pieces readily available for use in all of our creations and you can start having discussions with your friends and colleagues that include phrases like "is that a telescope or a lightsaber handle?" or "I never would have thought of doing that with a LEGO paint roller".

Please support so we can all get Greebling!

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