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The Impossible Puzzle Box


        This is my very first submission to Lego Ideas, and I'm proud to say that this is one of my greatest achievements with Lego bricks. This smooth black box of mystery is full of secrets. In addition to being one of the most brain stimulating builds ever, this 12x12 box makes great fun for friends and family as each person tries to unlock its secrets and find the prize box concealed within. There are three simple rules: first, there are three tools hidden inside the box: a cylindrical beam, a cross beam, and a tile. These may each only be used once. Second, the box cannot be shaken or flipped upside down. And third, if you break it, you lose. The box, despite being full of sofistication functions, is very sturdily built, so rule three is just to make sure people exercise a bit of carefulness when playing around with it. Whoever can solve it within three minutes wins (without previous knowledge of the formula of course). 

         As shown in the images by the red arrows, there is a specific formula to follow. If you follow this you'll find all three tools, and eventually unlock the lever which (when pushed down) will push the prize box up so you can grab it. There are several parts you can find without following the formula, but if you go out of order you'll most likely mess yourself up and have to restart. Everyone I've had try to solve it has failed to do so. And I didn't even time them!

         This also makes a great keep-safe box for some trinket or another.

         In addition to being loads of fun, this magical box will aid in IQ advancement. By constructing it, one would gain a better understanding of lego bricks and how they work together, and thus improve hand-eye coordination. The finished product helps to boost problem solving skills (as any puzzle does). 

         As I said, this is my first submission and I'm not sure how this will all pan out, but I have high hopes.

         Thank you for your support!

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