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The Old Western Train Station


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Between 1860 and 1880 in the United States of America, railway companies attempted to connect all major cities. There were no planes, so people traveled by train. Train stations have been incredibly important, and we are happy to represent our train station. Twoppl Town is a fictional city in the southwestern United States where people lived happily and peacefully. Meet Miss Daisy and Mr. Bricksi, two prominent businessmen who travel first class only! And Sheriff Grills, who doesn't have much trouble other than finding the dangerous outlaw Gamby! Mike Coconut è il capo supremo della stazione, decide tutto, dal più piccolo dettaglio all'orario di ogni treno. There is the postman Zandro, who will put the stamp on everything! Mr. D. Leelo is the most famous merchant in town and the conductor is Mr. Luis Boundaries, who always makes sure that young Philippies doesn't get in trouble! Alf is the maintainer, he fixes everything that doesn't work in a flash. Barb is a future cowgirl, looking for adventures, who always carries with her Niglio, her cloth bunny. Join this cheerful company and explore the Old Western Train Station, it's a journey you won't regret, discovering the secrets of the old railways!

Now with interiors! Visit the Station's new interiors. There's a ticket office where you can buy your trip to happyness and a Waiting Room, if you got there early. There is a Stove Room and the Stationmaster's headquarter, where he plans all the train travels and you can find info on the city's founders! But wait, there's also a Post Office in which the letters are dispatched and a secret hiding place. Gamby the perilous outlaw sure will be your inside man, nobody will find him unless...

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