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Metroid: Mother Brain VS Samus


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This is it: You made it this far to save the Galaxy. Now it’s time to face the ultimate challenge! This set is a recreation of the epic clash between the Space Pirate overlord, Mother Brain, and, the bounty hunter, Samus Aran. With this set, you can relive or experience the deciding battle of th fate of the universe!
Why I built this is because I’ve been a long-time fan of the Metroid video game franchise. I also loved the battles between Samus and Mother Brain. Having to dodge cannons, shoot through beam-proof barriers, and dodge floating obstacles to get to the final battle is what I like so much about the final boss clash in Metroid. I think that, if this were to be a set, it would provide nostalgia for fans that grew up with the very first game or maybe introduce Metroid to younger audiences that haven’t played the games yet. Also I’ve dreamed of an official Metroid LEGO set for a while now. I’m hoping this can gain support to do that.

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