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Woodland Realm


Hello! Today I have made Thranduil's Throne from the Woodland Realm, this is my first ever LDD project, and I have Rendered it with POV-Ray.


Well, the dwarves had just entered Mirkwood, where Gandalf had left them and instructed them to stay on the path, and do not stray from the path, eventually, the dwarves who were tired and slighty naucious from the sick feeling of the forest, were walking through the forest, and left the path which meant they got lost, and eventually ran into spiders, but Bilbo escaped the spiders, and released them from the web, once they got down the were met by Legolas and his hunting crew, who took the dwarves captive back to the woodland realm, once inside they were all thrown in dungeons, other than Thorin, who was sent to Thranduil for bargains of their escape.

This set will include two minifigs: Thranduil and Thorin.

This set had exactly 612 pieces.

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