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JAWS: Quint's Orca

"You're gonna need a bigger boat!" - Sheriff Brody

This model of Captain Quint's Orca from the film Jaws (1975) is the perfect display piece, while also having tons of playability. I've had this model built for about a year, and when I saw that LEGO Ideas allowed for models based off of Jaws, I jumped at the chance to submit my model. The details of the model are outlined below:

Included are three minifigures: Captain Quint, Sheriff Brody, and Hooper, plus the Shark.

Accessories include Quint's rifle, Brody's revolver, a harpoon gun, harpoons, and two air tanks.

Display Stand
There is a brick-built display stand for the Orca, with room also for the minifgures, the Shark, and Hooper's cage.
The Boat
The boat has many play features. The bottom hull disconnects, to display the boat in "floating" mode. The mast has a crane, to which the cage can be attached to. The yellow barrels are removable, and there is storage for all the accessories. The top deck is removable, and underneath is the detailed interior. All three minifgures can fit in there comfortably with the top back on. 

The Shark
The Shark is based off the Creator 3 in 1 Shark, but there are many differences, a few of which are: all the fins have been redone, and the joints have been removed. The color has also changed.

This model is great as a display piece, and also for play. It is fairly sturdy, making this a great candidate for a future LEGO set. Be sure to support this set, and tell everyone you know to support! And be sure to check my other models!

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