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SEA01 Anglerfish

SEA01 Anglerfish is a submarine with fish-like mechanical appearance that's built with a four-level internal structure. The technic bricks are used to create different external textures and patterns. Some physical data provided here: Overall length 60.8 cm, width 37.5 cm, height 40.9 cm, weight about 2.68 kg, built with 2978 pieces. The interior of the fish are left empty for the player to build on their own.

The inspiration came from various shelters buildings ideas online for post-apocalyptic purposes. Assuming that a shelter could be fully designed by myself, what would I want it to look like? A submarine that travel underwater sounds quite nice for me. I have built my own internal design, if you are interested, check out the Instagram page.

Some more information:
A mixture of technic bricks and the regular bricks are used to combine. Each layer is independent with others to avoid illegal construction as much as possible. The layers are designed with a few movable or tunable external structures to provide convenience when modifying the internal design. The side window on top floor can be open or removed (Fig. 8); The head can be open or removed (Fig. 9); The area beneath the head can be slide out (Fig. 10); The areas above and beneath the lateral line can be opened separately on both side (Fig. 11, 12). To provide a better view of the internal structure, a sagittal plane is provided (Fig. 13).

I'm quite satisfied with the design and wish there are people who's going to like it :)

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