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Off-roader with Camper Trailer


Time to leave the Lego City and head out to the forest for a weekend of camping! To do that, however, a 4x4 off-road vehicle is needed.

This project includes and off-road vehicle, an expanding camper-trailer, and (subject to change) a small camp scene.

The off-road vehicle  is one that may seem familiar to you. It is a new version of my 4x4 Adventure Jeep. This is version 3.1, while the one that I uploaded four months ago was version 2.1.  There is very little outwards change. but it is stronger, lower and a little bit longer. On the back of the Ute is a spare tire, two Jerry-cans, and a fire-extinguisher. The Ute has two seats, with a bit of space inside for spare luggage. 

The camper trailer is also off-road. The roof folds down when not in use, as well as the steps folding up. Inside is a bed and a stove. There is room between the bed and the door to store more luggage.

The scene is one of a forest, where five trees and plenty of rocks surround a clearing that is being used as a camp site. This campsite is inaccessible to most Lego vehicles because the rocks are too tall,  but the off-roader drives over them with ease thanks too its large ride height.

Two minifigures are part of this project, including my mascot, Veteran Police Officer Frederick "Gotcha" Williamson.

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