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The ForestMen's Great Banquet Tree


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Do you know where the ForestMen celebrate after grabbing some good loot?

Legends tell of a large tree in the middle of the forest, so large that 50 men could feast among its foliage, so large that a fortress could be hidden inside, so large as to contain all the secrets of the forest:

At the great banquet tree it's time to celebrate! William and his brothers Bliant and Jocelyn returned with a chest full of diamonds, bags full of coins and even Prince Aldred's crown.

Come on join us for the celebrations, come, come everyone, John and Miss Valentine are preparing a succulent turkey, Madame Clotilde is already serving apple cider!

Young John Junior has gathered sheep and chickens while Jocelyn has prepared firewood and lit a large fire, Hildebrand, after practicing archery all afternoon, wants to prank young John Junior by suddenly appearing from the secret passage.

The party will certainly last all night with the ballads of the minstrel Eluard under the large chandelier made from a rudder and filled with candles!

How many of you, like me, spent entire days in the 90s, as kids, dreaming with the bad boys of the Forestmen, with their green suits, their pointy hats, their feathers, their bows and their hideouts? I played with them a lot, I wore them out, you can see them in my friends' photos! In the 90s they had thousands of adventures, some time ago I decided to give them a place to celebrate, they worked so hard that they now deserve to party.

A total of 1659 parts were used to create the Great Forestmen's Banquet Tree, including all minifigure parts (8) and animal parts (6), it stands 25cm tall and has a circumference of 30cm.

I hope that many of you feel the gratitude that I feel for these guys, let them celebrate, join me in this banquet!!

Thanks to everyone who watches my work and to the LEGO IDEAS team.

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