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Chemist (Drug Store/Pharmacy)


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Even minifigs get sick or get headaches so a chemist or drug store or pharmacy is needed in every Lego town and city.

This design has no roof due to two facts, one play features, two due the corner frontage design.

The building based on those from early 20th century with Art Deco trim and colours.

Only minifig is the pharmacist/chemist, many are female so here this model uses a female one.

The logo above the word Chemist is for the Pharmacy Guild Of Australia and hence all the over-the-counter medications on the wall display are their home brand products.

A classic weighing scales sits in the shop as well, even though many of these sat out the front of the chemist.

Price on this model would be over 50 dollars AU, and could fit either City or Friends themes.

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