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Attack of the Kraken

Some time ago, I built this kraken on LDD and submitted it as a product idea along with a ship I made. It didn't do very well the first time, so I decided to use my improved building techniques to update the design and try again. It was quite a while before I had the time to do it, but at long last, here it is!
My interpretation of the mythical ship devouring kraken is essentially a giant, green squid. It is very large and consists of over 1700 pieces. Each one of the tentacles is highly posable and can be bent in several directions. The back part of the head is detachable so that the gaping mouth and tentacles can be displayed alone, to give it the appearance of being partially underwater.
I decided not to include an entire ship this time, but just for fun I threw in a little boat with two pirate minifigures.

I hope you like this build and give your support, and if you do, please tell your friends about it as well.
If I could get this product idea to 10k supporters, that would really mean the world to me!

Thank you very much, and have a great day!

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