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The Haunting of Scrooge

This is the first of several ideas I have planned based around scenes from famous pieces of literature. Lego has fueled so much imagination over the years that it seemed such a nice idea to combine it with scenes that a reader has to imagine.

I considered several scenes from Charles Dickens' Christmas Carole but found I was drawn back to one of the earliest scenes, the ghost of Marley haunting Scrooge.
To represent the minimal spend on furniture by Scrooge I decided to keep the set as clear as possible and use only three key pieces, a chair, a small table with the remains of scrooges supper and the fireplace. The chair I designed with a grand wing-back chair in mind. The table I added to link to one of my favourite lines from the book when Scrooge tells Marley's ghost that there is "More of gravy than grave to you!"
Two minifigures with this set, the ghost of Jacob Marley and Ebenezer Scrooge, but other ghost could be added to expand the set.

Both Minifigures would require new prints but no new moulds. Obviously in reality the chains would hang loose but I kept them hanging in digital designer to add an action element to the build.

The set could also be expanded to feature the various ghost minifigs, but they might be more appropriate in additional sets - potentially a different ghost in each set.

The Jacob Marley minifigure should have as many chains as the budget would allow. I believe moulding the chains in a transparent colour would be the best way to get a ghost like effect but the same idea would not work particularly well with the main minifigure as it would show the inside joining pieces too much.
Grey chains would work, but creating new colour chains would definitely be the best result.

I believe the Scrooge minifigure would be best with a nightcap piece but to my knowledge a suitable piece does not exist (the bandanas etc that come close just don't look quite right) so to stick to cuusoo guidelines of no new moulds for pieces I opted instead for grey hair. The graduation robe works quite well as a dressing gown type look but further investigation might improve this.

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