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A Trip to the Moon / Le Voyage Dans La Lune

A Trip To The Moon / Le Voyage Dans La Lune, created by Georges Méliès in 1902, is considered to be the first ever science fiction motion picture. The film was revolutionary for its innovative special effects and its prominence of cohesive storytelling. Méliès was inspired to create the movie by the works of Jules Verne, specifically the novel From the Earth to the Moon.

In the film, a group of six astronomers embark on a journey to the moon inside a bullet shaped space
capsule. The spacecraft launches into space from a massive cannon, and lands right in the eye of the Man in the Moon, creating the iconic image represented in this project!

~ Man in the Moon
~ Space Capsule
~ Launch Cannon

I chose this as my Idea because of my love for both film and science fiction. This project represents not
only the great silent film era, but the beginning of science fiction on the big screen.

I think this set makes for an excellent display piece, since the image is especially iconic and has been
cemented in pop culture as a symbol for early 1900s cinema.

Support this project if you'd like to see this French cinema classic represented!

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