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Fantasy Tavern

A fun Castle/Medieval Fairy-Tale tavern where a bunch of creatures go to enjoy meals and music. I wanted to make something unique and a tribute to a lot of different races in many different lore from around the world. Plus, it would look really cool to see it all in a natural and neautral setting like an inn/diner rather then a big battle.

The characters include... Elf Cook, Cat-Lady hostess and Centaur Waitress,
Guitar Man (Puddlebbrick), Faun and Phantom-Piano-Player,
A Woodswoman, Two Orcs, John-Eye-Thunder (a cyclops), a dwarf and a Mushroom Man.
A ghost and a tree
And a few animals (one being this fantasy-cow)

Hopfully this set will not just be fun and another addition to the catelog of Castle, but also will inspire people to get into fantasy.

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