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Narrow Victorian Familyhouse

I decided to design a victorian style small family house that is more focused on a girl theme.

This is mainly done by using more "girlish" colours. But since those colours are also quite typical for shades in victorian houses I hope this is not "overdone".

If you change the pinkish colours to a more bluish or greenish hue, the house will be less "girlish".

It is build for half of a regular basplate, so 16x32 and uses general modular concepts.

I decided that I will not use flat tiles for all the floors since this would increase the number of tiles needed so much that it would be quite expensive.

The backside is rather simple. Just a balcony for the top floor, a tree and a flower. Since there is not much space, I left it this way.

On top of the roof you can see a modern satelite dish. This was done to have more of a contrast between the old victorian style and a more modern living style that is used inside.

This this is a midle house of a row there are large windows on the backside, so that the inside is well lit.

There are several bricks in a darker grey tone to simulate the withered facade of the building.

The roof can be opened due to the rocker brick.

The main objective of this project was to build a half groundplate wide house that is not just a plain house but has some victorian style elements, is equiped with some furniture but does not use an exessive amount of bricks.

In total the finished model as seen in the picture above and described in the ones blow uses 1242 bricks.

As for the minifigs I would go with:

- father
- mother
- 2 girls

So the set is rather small compared to the usual modular buildings by lego. But those are also rather expensive. I was hoping to get to about 1000 bricks to maybe get a set that can be sold below 100 EUR.

The top Floor is a master bedroom with a large bed. Since this is designed as a studio, there is no door for this room. The room is opened up directly from the stairway.

Beside the bed is a nightstand with a lamp. On the other side of the room is a drawer.

There are also two "pictures", one on each side. Since there are no actual pictures available in the LDD, I decided to go with coloured flat tiles for the frames instead.

The bed is in a wooden colour and rather colourful bedding.

There are some flowers in front of the front window.

The rounded window part is not used for furniture since it is too small to get anything useful in there.

This floor has also a balcony.

The second floor is the family bath. Since the house is narrow, there is not enough space to have more than one room on each level.

The family bath contains a bathtub, a sink that is large enough to be double and is combined with a drawer beneath it and there is of course also a toilet. The toilet design is simliar to the toilet in the Simpsons house by Lego itself.

In the stairway there is also another picture.

The first floor is a room for two girls. The girls are sleeping in a bunk bed and there is also a drawer for their clothing and stuff.

It is merely the colour of the wall and the colour of the bedding that makes this a girls room. With blue or green colours it could be a boys room as well.

The ground floor is build on a cellar that is not actually a part of the model. The ground floor can not be removed to go into the cellar. But since the door is above the street level there is a cellar window.

The ground floor itself contains the living room and the kitchen.

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