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Wall Display & Storage



This idea came from the necessity of organization. 
My son has 100’s of different minifigures including the different Lego series, ones from kits and custom ones purchased off of the Internet.  While playing, he would go to his box and dig, many times unsuccessfully, for one particular minifig.   I worked to find a way to display as well as organize his many minifigures. The result is this project.

It is a kit that would need to be built and would hang on a wall.  A Lego fan can quickly access any minifig they desire and put them back is just as fast.  Surprisingly, it looks artsy on the wall, especially when it is full.

Finished size is 10” wide by 11” high and 1.5” deep
It contains about 65 bricks
The only parts not included are the 2 nails needed to actually hang it to a wall.
Will hold and display 40 Lego minifigures. 

Includes 4 movable shelves for larger minifigs or ones without leg holes.
Includes two basic minifig

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