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Space Patrol (Compact Multi-Crew Spaceship)

Model Pieces : 530
Mini figs : 4
Estimated set price: £60 - £80
Comparitor : Lego Star Wars Slave 1 (8097)
Model Pieces : 573
Mini figs : 3 + Han's Carbonite
Retail set price: £70 - £90

Classic space was definately the inspiration for my model shown here, but it looks really sleek in black and the modern 'space' uniforms the little guys have really fit the theme well.

I designed and built this set using the soon to be cancelled 'Design by me' service offered by Lego. My motivation was a desire to make a better multi-crew space-ship that has a more functional look.

Normally Lego Space Ship's don't have much of an interior, I really wanted to fire the imagination with a ship that you could imagine the crew being able to move around in.

The crew consists of the pilot who sits at the front, the Captain, who is the bearded dude holding the binoculars, the Navigator who is wearing the bob hat - and sitting at the back facing backwards is the gunner.

All the crew have their own computer consoles and the captain and navigator have a small slim window to look out of. The model is heavier on controls and computer consoles than most Lego sets. Mainly because I thought the retro, classic space sets which would have had a steering wheel and a couple of dials looke unrealistic.

The plan was really to create a model which looked functional and a flyable ship. I think it was a success, it also made a very solid model - the only weak points are the guns, which do break off a little easily. It does have a very clever easy remove roof which lifts off and nestles within the two engine pods at the back of the ship.

I even already have box art! All in all this is my favourite Lego set and everyone I've shown it to has loved it.

View of the ship interior from the front, with the lid off.

You can see more images and read more about this Lego Design by me set at : -

Lego Design By Me Blog

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