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Stylish Candle Lantern

Make it cozy at home with this stylish indoor lantern! With its clean and realistic look, your friends will probably not even notice it's made of LEGO. But of course you will tell them soon enough, just to see their face when they look close!

I built this piece of art because I rarely get to display my builds in our home. There are different tastes in interior design among the family members, and I mainly build sci-fi and fantasy builds. I thought that if I build something beautiful that doesn't even look like Lego, I'll probably get to have it in sight. And I was right, it was even on the table of our New Year's Eve dinner!

I believe this would make a phenomenal LEGO set because furnishings in general and candles in particular is a natural part of most homes. A great lantern can light the candle inside all of us, even when we feel down after a tough day.

This is a neat little build, where flexible elements create a dynamic shape using only a few pieces. It will find it's place in any home!

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