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Old Fishing Dock


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Welcome to "The Old Dock".

     This dock has been here for over a hundred years and it is still being used. It used to be used for shipping goods, but as time went on it transformed into a fishing dock.  The shed is stocked with barrels for fish and fishing poles.  These two particular men are here all the time and have learned the area be heart.  There boat is also very very ancient but it still is usable and the fishermen do not have money for a new boat.  There only supply of money (catching fish) barly keeps them alive.

     I built this set because I like textured things like the old fishing store.  I thought it would be unique to build a dock, boat, and shed with that texture.

This Set is Ready for Playtime!

  1. The Shed roof comes up with hinges so you are able to get the supplies you need for a fun fishing day!
  2. The roof of the boat comes up with hinges as well!
  3. The set is very playable!
  4. The Set is just plain FUN!

I hope you enjoy this idea.  If you do please support, follow, share, and tell everybody you know about it!

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